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زمان انتشار: ۱۳/۱۲/۱۴۰۱

Open letter to Mr. Hamed Esmailion from an Iranian Jew

Mr. Esmailion 

Like you, I was born in Iran and like you I love my country and its  people. Like millions of other Iranians, I want the Islamic Republic to be overthrown and I hope that it will be replaced by a government based on the respect and equality of the rights of all citizens. Iranian people know and understand by now what discrimination means, what bullying based on beliefs is and they understand the pretense of humanitarianism.

Mr. Esmailion

There is a difference between me and you. You were born in a Muslim family and I was born in a Jewish family. I think you agree that the difference in a person’s experiences has an impact on his view of the surrounding society and what he or she thinks are the problems of the society. The experiences of a woman, a Baluch, a Lur, a Kurd, a Baha’i, or a Jew, etc., are different, although they may have many aspects in common.

You as a member of the “solidarity group of 8” are in a different position today than what your personal positions may have been , especially in the midst of these critical days of fighting against the regime.  You should consider the pains of all Iranians and take steps without discriminating between them.

Just as you are a “plaintiff” of the IRGC’s crime in murdering  your beloved wife and child and the rest of the passengers and crew of the Ukrainian flight, I am also a plaintiff of the oppression inflicted on my people by the ignorant and biased people who over many centuries in the name of religion caused much abuse and persecution. I remind you that Non-Muslims were the first victims of those who in the name of God, were robbed others of  their lives, raped and  were forced to change their religion by the sword. And this is a chronic pain that unfortunately many still suffer from and the story continues.

Mr. Esmailion!

To summarize, anti-Semitism means distinguishing between the rights of Jews and the rights of others. A disease that has plagued humanity for centuries, and the result has been cruelty to other human beings , oppression and murder of other humans. In order to render a wise judgment, one should be informed of the facts and  be fair minded .

Today, in the free countries of the world, where you live in one and have enjoyed its rights and benefits, being against the existence of  Israel and not “criticizing her government” is considered anti-Semitism.


Last week at the Brussels demonstration, your response when a reporter asked you “Are you willing to give an interview to the Israeli media” was “I will not give an interview to the Israeli media”.

On November 11, 2016, you tweeted your criticism of the famous Canadian Jewish songwriter, Leonard Cohen, as to why he performed for Israeli soldiers during the 1973 war.  Quote from you: “Thousands of Egyptian soldiers were killed in this war.” Did you know that Egypt started the war? Did you know that Israeli casualties relative to her population were larger than Egypt.? In the war that Israel was defending its existence? Do you think Israel should have waited until it was destroyed as its enemies intended?

On April 6, 2015, you mentioned in another tweet that “Don’t let Canada become a colony of Israel.” Can you name  other Israeli colonies in your answer so that we may know? Do you believe that the Jews have a global conspiracy to colonize countries and peoples?

You wrote another tweet on July 23, 2018 and quoted Yasir Arafat’s words about the Middle East. Do you still think of him as a true and caring leader? Did you know that the billions of dollars that his ex-wife has in Paris were the result of the “thefts” of this popular and great leader?

Mr. Esmailion!

Your point of view about Israel, its right to exist, Israel’s enemies, and Arabs’ refusal to live alongside the Jewish state, is incorrect and is based on a superficial and biased perception that deliberately hides the facts.

Nearly 200,000 and perhaps more Iranian-born and Israelis of Iranian descent live in Israel, who have always kept the name of Iran, its culture, and the name of Cyrus the Great alive. Are they enemies of Iran? They went to their fatherland because of the same misbehavior and suspicions, but they never forgot Iran.

Mr. Esmailion!

As someone who has love for Iran and Israel, like love for my both eyes and love for my father and mother, I remind you that Jews and Israel love the Iranian nation, Iranian culture and want a free Iran. It is better not only for your own sake but also for the sake of thousands of Iranians who follow you, that you should reconsider your opinion. You are no longer the spokesperson of your own opinions, but the choice of a part of the Iranian people, and you know very well that in representing a part of the society, you should seek the interest of the whole and not only your own .

George Haroonian